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   Telugu Christian Church

4477 Black Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Telugu Church - Outreach Ministry

  Christian Outreach is About God, Not Us:

If God did not do the seeking, saving, revealing, and drawing of people to Himself, all of our outreach efforts would be meaningless and fruitless.

He initiates the process by . . .

  • assuring people of the reality of His love
    so people can feel and experience for themselves
  • answering their doubts
    so people can know and believe
  • awakening their faith
    so people hear and respond as "faith comes by hearing"
  • authenticating His message of reconciliation
    so people see and become accountable

He uses us in the process as . . .

  • we go to God on their behalf
    intercessory prayer, standing in the gap
  • we go to people as His ambassadors
    missions, one-on-one witnessing, visitation, door-to-door, church planting, etc.

He uses us in the process to help . . .

  • assure people of His love through consideration and compassion
    benevolence, community outreach
  • answer people's doubts through correction of misconceptions
  • awaken people's faith through communication of God's Word
    preaching and proclaiming (crusades, open air), teaching (one-on-one, neighborhood Bible studies)
  • authenticate the message by characterization through reflection
    lifestyle evangelism

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